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Triana has been instrumental to developing the strong data systems that we have put in place over the last three years. She has helped us to both build and improve upon our data systems so that we have clean data and high-functioning systems that allow us to both report our data as well as consistently use this data to improve our program effectiveness! Additionally, Triana has built our own internal understanding of what's required to have a strong functioning data system within our organization. She is truly an asset to our organization!

Megan Carey
Vice President of Impact, Learning & Design, Blue Engine

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Triana’s deep understanding of what data means, on the human level, is what sets her apart among her peers. Not only is she expert at identifying and capturing meaningful data that tells the story of the work, she is also expert at drilling down to what each data point means about the real people who are participating in the program and who are impacted by the work. She is curious and enthusiastic which enables her to think creatively and problem solve to address and mitigate any potential challenges. She is a natural educator, having begun her career as a Read Alliance teen leader, and has channeled that skill to elevate the understanding of data and its meaning for her colleagues, which is instrumental to the overall integrity of data collection and evaluation at the organization.

Danielle Guindo
Executive Director, Read Alliance

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Triana has been instrumental in the formulation and formalization of a program evaluation process for Read Alliance. She inherently considers data and evaluation as assets to the foundation and development of an organization. That mindset allows her to use multiple points of information to help guide her analysis of what is needed and to support her recommendations. She demonstrated this when Read Alliance decided to pilot a virtual program in summer 2020. Her analysis aided READ with creating benchmarks, measurements, and strategies that provided an accurate assessment of the overall pilot. Triana is a great collaborator and enjoys being part of a team that values data, but she is also prepared to do the sometimes heavy lift to engage those who do not easily understand or see the connection between data and the mission of an organization. She continues to offer best-practices, tools and systems that support data collection and understanding the data.

Yvette Russell
Chief Program & Partnerships Officer, Read Alliance

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Hiring Triana as a consultant is the best thing I did for my program! She deeply understands educational programs and knows how to use evaluation to improve programs, build organizational support and secure funding. Triana's analysis of our participant survey results and her evaluation report helped secure a second grant for triple the amount of funding!

Susie Walter
Director, Educational Alliance Art School

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Thoughtful, hard-working, sincere, and responsible are all words that I would use to describe Triana. [...] She has done an incredible job in our organization creating systems and structures so that we may communicate our impact to current and potential partners and funders.

Jason Griffiths
former Managing Director, School Partnerships, NAATE