Sample Projects

1. NAATE Grant Tracking Systems Development


Project Scope


NAATE, a national organization with employees working remotely across different time zones, lacked a central staff person to coordinate their grants system of about 10 funders for a budget of over $2 million. Reports were sent long after deadlines, and staff were limited in their capacity to generate new proposals because they were too overwhelmed by the inefficient workload of their existing grants.

Triana was hired as the Research Manager and immediately realized she could not produce data for funders without first creating a project management tool to outline and track organization-wide deliverables for the grant portfolio. Less than a year after implementing her project management system, all reports were submitted on time, funder relations were improved and allowed for renewal proposals, and staff were empowered to submit a new, successful proposal for $420,00 in regional funding.

Triana's Approach:


  • Read all existing written grant materials to familiarize herself with proposal goals, reporting expectations, and timeline for funder deliverables.

  • Set up individual meetings with all team members across departments. Team included program staff, university researchers, finance team, and tech teams from outside vendors. Learned how much lead time each person/team required and what additional information they would need in order to do their work.

  • Defined deliverables and determined project sequence for each report, and assigned individual tasks to stakeholders across reports. Created project timeline based on task sequence with built-in buffer time around each deadline. Compiled this information in a master Excel spreadsheet, and later input into Salesforce for centralized tracking and report generation.

  • Identified each team member’s preferred communication method (e.g. email vs. phone) for reminders, generated and shared templates for deliverables as needed to streamline information sharing.

2. Read Alliance Ongoing Program Reporting

Project Scope

Read Alliance analyzes their program data on an ongoing basis for roughly 25 schools and 2,000 participants running concurrently at any given time. When Triana joined the organization, data was not being entered on time, data entry was not clean, and program staff did not have the time for deep analysis.

After Triana joined the team as the Evaluation Director, she set up ongoing tracking systems that empowered staff to take ownership over the data input and analysis they were responsible for. Staff went from having dozens of data tasks that were months overdue to almost all tasks being completed on time and the one or two that ran into issues being resolved within a few days of the original deadline. Triana also led regular meetings to check in on data logistics as well as high-level goals and analysis.

Triana's Approach:

  • Worked with program managers to schedule student assessments with enough lead time to gather and input data before analysis deadlines. Created an outline of steps for data collection/analysis and who was responsible for each step.

  • Created reports in Salesforce that automatically notify program managers of key dates and dashboards with the current status of what is completed and missing so program managers can be informed and accountable for their data. Set up automatic weekly email report that provides program members with updates on their specific tasks as well as their fellow program managers’ progress to keep everyone on the same page.

  • Meet weekly with Program Leadership Team to review high-level plans, schedules, and cross-department coordination strategy. Lead bi-weekly meetings with cross-department committee and regular check-ins with Executive Director to ensure stakeholders at all levels are aware of and contributing to data priorities.

  • Meet weekly with program team as a group to review specifics of the work on the ground and troubleshoot as a team. Also meet weekly with each program manager individually to review specific issues.

3. Blue Engine Performance Management Tool Update

Project Scope

Triana was hired as a consultant to update an existing performance management system used by staff to collect feedback from over 3,500 users and analyze over 9,000 responses on a monthly basis to understand performance.
After working on other projects for the organization, Triana was tasked with updating an existing system and creating various new components, completing all tasks over a few months starting in mid-July and launching October 1st. She worked with staff who had a wide range of technical knowledge, translating their feedback into changes that helped improve the usefulness of their systems.

Triana's Approach:


  • Documented current state of the tool and desired changes.

  • Familiarized myself with tool in order to identify the root of issues that needed updating. Became expert in tool in order to assist staff in troubleshooting.

  • Defined and prioritized deliverables, determined task sequence, and set timeline. Allowed time after tool update to troubleshoot any unpredicted issues that surfaced after update was in use.

  • Documented all changes and challenges for future knowledge.