Program Improvement

Maximize Programmatic Outcomes through Efficient Data Systems and Empowering Staff to Manage Data 

College Student
Analysing the Numbers


Selected Projects 


Data Visualization and Reporting:

  • Designed automated dashboards in Tableau, Excel and Salesforce that visualize data in real-time for 250 - 3,500+ participants and over 9,000 survey responses.

  • Created ongoing student data reports for teachers and administrators at over 25 schools to ensure continued student progress by identifying and addressing areas of concern.

Staff Development:

  • Planned and led monthly professional development with up to 8 program staff to discuss overall program evaluation, data analysis, progress towards outcomes, successes, and challenges.

  • Met individually with Program Managers weekly to analyze data on a site level, discuss strategies for individual participants based on progress data, and address any challenges in data collection or presentation.